What we’re about…

Graphic design, digital media for online and social platforms, printing, sign production. There are now so many places and ways that you can put your image out there. Yes, we do it all, but our aim is to provide more than just the stunning finished product. We want to work with you to develop ‘Art that Works’ images that the target market will recognise, understand and embrace – which will ultimately inspire them to do something.

Artwork’n is our way of saying that all forms visual marketing have a job to do, and good design should work and work and work for your business. Basically, Get out there and push that barrow!

We are the husband and wife team of Ben & Tracey Stevenson, with over 45 years combined industry experience in a range of visual marketing services. However, I’m guessing you’re not here to read a resume (if you are see, Ben & Trace’s LinkedIn). You can also learn more about us from the projects on display in the Gallery – or follow our blog.

But to really learn more about us we would like to start a conversation. One of our main strengths is our ability to listen, understand and interpret what you need. We aim to offer advice and suggest concepts there and then, both in conversation and in draft sketches. Advice that is based on our combined industry knowledge, expertise and experience.

What you then get from us is a professional creative service that targets those identified business needs. Providing great looking logos, designs, layouts and concepts that are also easy to reproduce for use across multiple formats. Our pricing is a clear hourly rate, estimated at the start of a project and updated as we progress (so there’s no surprises). We’ll also take on small jobs, provide quotes for finished artwork and even offer coaching to help you do some jobs yourself. (keep an eye out for our DIY page coming soon).

For physical products such as printing or signage – well, you get what you pay for. We don’t aim to be the cheapest, but focus on finding an economical solution with the ability to meet the task. Most of our production is done in-house, but we also engage a range of trusted specialists to ensure the best results. We’ve done our research to source and built relationships with Local and Australian businesses that can out-perform the imports. This way you don’t have to send your money off-shore while asking your own clients to support local business. It’s not just a morale preference, but often represents a real advantage to our clients in regards to quality and service.

We’re business people too, have a young family, a mortgage and real desire to make this work for all of us. Please check out our site and links and drop us a line if you would like to get the conversation started.