Well, here I go. After just shy of two years as a Small Business Advisor, I’ve stepped out of the some-what protected space and whole heartedly jumped into the world of my former clients as a self-employed Small Business Owner. This should be fun for me and entertaining for all those people who have listened to me ramble on about all the ‘ideal’ things they should be doing – business plan anyone? (yeah, great idea but mines not finished yet either and now here I am!).

So, the humble pie is in the oven and I’m prepared to eat my words as well.

But firstly, a quick thank you and shout out to all the business people I’ve had the pleasure of working with over the past few years. I’ve definitely learned a lot and enjoyed sharing the challenges and successes of your businesses. There’s some great enthusiastic operators out there and I wish you all every success. Also to my fantastic work colleagues that have a wealth of experience and insight when it comes to helping small business (first tip – make the most of these people). While my departure was a bit of a smoke bomb disappearing act, I had been planning this next move for a while, was excited by the idea and it all made sense to happen very quickly in the end. However, I would like to be able to continue helping small business people, hence starting this Blog.

Please follow this blog or check back regularly if you are interested in running and promoting a small business. I believe my wife and I have a wealth of experience in our chosen field but will that be enough to make a success of our own small business? I aim to document the process we take, based on the advice I once provided to others. But now I’ll be able to report on the successes and failures of the different actions we undertake.

So come along for the ride, it should be interesting and hopefully we can all learn and find something helpful along the way – probably at my expense!